How to get tags from file names

If you have files without tags, you can get them from file names containing information about the artist, title, etc. Under the Get Tags from File Name (Shift+F4) tab, configure the file name to the tag options and click the Write Tags button.

File name to tag options:

Tag&Rename get tags from file name options tab.

File name mask - In this field you must provide the file mask variables. For instance, if your files are similar to the below examples..
01 Artist - Title.mp3
02 Artist - Title.mp3
03 Artist - Title.mp3
You may want to type in this file name mask: %6 %1 - %2

File name to tag variables
%1 Artist
%2 Title
%3 Album
%4 Year
%5 Genre
%6 Track #
%9 Comment
%b BPM
%cp Composer
%aa Album Artist
%co Conductor
%# Disc #
%rt Release Time
%md Mood
%lb Label
%rb Remixed by
%key Initial Key
%swt Show Title
%eid Episode ID
%snr Season number
%enr Episode number
%d Skip part of the file name


Note: If the folder name contains some track information, you may use the "\" symbol in the file name mask. For example, if your files are located in a folder with an "Artist - Album" name, you may use this file name mask: %1 - %3\%2

Replace underscores with spaces Check this box to convert underscores to spaces.
Case Enables case functions from which you may select one.

Get tags from file names buttons:

Preview Allows you to preview tag changes before committing to the write tags process.
Write Tags Click to write the tags of selected files.