How to get album information from the Web

If you have full albums without tags and you know the album title and author, you can use Amazon, Discogs or to get the tag information you need.

  1. Select files from one album. (1)
  2. Click Get album titles from the Web (2).
  3. Tag&Rename file list with selected files from one album.

  4. In the window that opens, fill in the Artist, Album and Year fields (1) (if not filled automatically), and select Amazon, Discogs or or press Search button (2) to start searching.
  5. Note: You can check Search only master releases on Discogs option to remove duplicates from Discogs search results.

    Load Album Titles from the Web window.

  6. After Tag&Rename has found the albums you requested, select an album from the list (1) and click the Load Album! button (2). When searching Discogs and you can also use Load tracks info - all albums and Load tracks info for album functions to load and preview detailed tracks and albums information before importing it.
  7. Load Album Titles from the Web window with search results.

  8. Sort files and titles using the move file Up and move file Down functions or drag and drop.
  9. Select the information you want to save.
  10. Click the Write Tags button.

  11. Album Information window with loaded albums.