User interface:

  • On program exit, save tag editor "Comment" and "Encoded by" fields - save these fields upon exiting Tag&Rename.
  • Save "Tag Editor" focused field on "Save and Next" – When enabled, if you edit a file tag and click the Save and next button, Tag&Rename will show the tag of the next file and place the cursor in the last edited field. Otherwise, the cursor will be placed in the Title field.
  • DJ style tag editor window – Exchange "URL" and "Encoded by" with "Label" and "Remixed by" in editor’s first tab.
  • Show file list tree lines
  • Full row select in files list
  • Always reset check boxes in album web import window
  • Always reset check boxes in multi files tag editor window
  • Show first existing image in "Folder cover art" if folder.jpg does not exists
  • Show icons instead of text in Comment files list column
  • Show icons instead of text in Lyrics files list column
  • Show warning message about files with names longer than 259 characters


  • Mark cover art as "Cover front" in ID3v2 tags
  • Trim Year frame if it is contain timestamp (i.e. yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss) instead of year
  • Allow to add ID3 tags to .mpg files - some software don't support ID3v2 tags in .mpg files, so be sure that your soft support this before enabling this option.
  • Map APE/OGG "Label" tag frame to "LABEL" instead of "ORGANIZATION"
  • Map APE/OGG "Album Artist" tag frame to "ALBUMARTIST" instead of "ALBUM ARTIST"
  • Use new cover art standard for ogg/speex files
  • Delete ID3v1 tag when deleting ID3v2 tag – Automatically delete ID3v1 tag on ID3v2 tag deletion.
  • On saving ID3v2 tag – Select what to do with an ID3v1 tag while changing an ID3v2 tag.
  • On saving APE tag – Select what to do an with ID3v1 tag while changing an APE tag.
  • Don't update comment field when auto updating ID3v1 tags – Don't update an ID3v1 comment field when Auto updating an ID3v1 tag after changing an ID3v2 or APE tag.


  • Save playlists in .m3u8 (UTF8 encoded format) – Save all playlists in .m3u8 format instead of .m3u format.

Quick save playlist:

  • Case – Setup playlist name case options.
  • Replace spaces by underscores – Select to generate playlist names like Artist_-_Album.m3u


  • Save path when adding cover art in Tag Editor –by default, Tag&Rename open music file folder when you try to add cover art to file in tag editor, when this option enabled, Tag&Rename will open folder where select previous cover art file.

Amazon AWS:

  • Use my own Amazon AWS Keys – enable this if you have your own Amazon AWS account and want that Tag&Rename use your associate id and AWS keys when load album information from Amazon.
  • Associate Tag, AWS Access Key Id, AWS Secret Access Key: – fill this fields with your correct information.