System options:

  • Integrate Tag&Rename into shell - determines whether the Tag&Rename Explorer context menu is enabled or not.
  • Don't close tag editor window on error - if Tag&Rename can't update a file tag, it will show an error message and won't close the editor window so you can try to save changes again.
  • Don't change file timestamp on saving tags - enable this option if you don't want to change the modified file’s timestamp while editing tags.
  • Don't rename file if file with this name already exists - if this option enabled - Tag&Rename will not rename music file if file with this name already exists. When option disabled, file will be renamed with the count number added to it's file name, i.e. File.mp3 will become File (1).mp3.
  • Check for Tag&Rename updates automatically - Tag&Rename will inform you when a new version has been released.
  •      Also check for beta versions - with this option enabled you will also get info about new beta releases.
  • Capitalize options - specify symbols after which the program capitalizes the next letter, when the capitalize function is activated. To set up a default symbols string, click the Set default button.
  • Interface font - set the Tag&Rename interface font here (see also Unicode notes).
  • Override OS font size - on some systems with big screen fonts enabled, Tag&Rename interface may looks incorrectly, if this happend, you can check this option.

Default start folder:

Specify whether Tag&Rename should open the last-accessed folder or some other fixed folder when the program starts.