File List

Files selection:

  • Autoselect files when its folder selected - if this option enabled and Tag&Rename file list have folders in it, then folder selection will automatically select all files and folders in it.
  • Use check boxes to select files - when this option is disabled, file selection in the Tag&Rename file list works like in most programs: highlighted files = selected files. When this option is enabled, Tag&Rename shows checkboxes near file/folder names, and only checked files are selected.

After open new folder:

Specify what Tag&Rename should do after it opens a folder.

  • Auto expand all folders - check this box if you want Tag&Rename to expand all subfolders in the playlist.
  • Files selection - specify which files will be automatically selected after a folder is opened.


  • Use colors - check this option to see a colored file list. (Remember to select colors that you like)
  • Show lines - enable/disable lines in file list. (Lines give the list a table-like appearance)
  • Color files with low bitrate - check this box to see colored files with a low bitrate.
  • Show ID3v1 tag is not present indicator - show small red circle near file without ID3v1 tag (for mp3 and ape files only).
  • Hide files extension - hide music files extension in program files list, it is more easy to in place edit file names in files list with this option enabled.