Tags options:

  • Always copy "Artist" data into "Album Artist" tag field - when saving tags, Album Artist field will be always set to Artist field data.
  • Copy "Artist" data into "Album Artist" tag field if it is clear - if Album Artist field is blank, it will filled with Artist field data when tag will be saved.
  • Set "Album Artist" to "Various Artists" when "Part of a compilation" checked
  • Rewrite file if it tag padding size is more than the maximum limit - most tags have padding (a free space inside tag), so programs don't need to rewrite all music fille while editing tag, when this option enabled, Tag&Rename may rewrite music file while saving tag to reduce file size.
    • ID3v2 tags options:

      • Always save ID3v2 tags in Unicode - by default Tag&Rename save ID3v2 tag in ANSI if it din't contain Unicode simbols and in Unicode if it have it's, this option force Tag&Rename to save ID3v2 tags always in Unicode.
      • Save ID3v2 tags in ASCII even if it is contain Unicode - force Tag&Rename to save all ID3v2 tags in ASCII.